We`re lead manufacturer of shock absorber assembly and global aftermarket service since 1991. Our main product portfolio comprises of own Scimax shock absorbers and agent KYB Taiwan struts & WTC-JB genuine disk brake pads as well.

  The combination of genuine product combined with a superlative personalized back-up service has firmly put us in the forefront of the worldwide aftermarket. We hold and extremely wide range of models to suit all vehicles. Scimax Group is the largest genuine shock absorbers and brake friction material manufactured for passenger cars and commercial vehicles and are trusted by the biggest brand in the automobile and rail sectors to deliver effective, reliable and safety solutions with high precision and reliability.


  An introduction to SCIMAX shock absorber and WTC-JB Friction
    by CEO - Andy Lei.

  1991.04 Founded by Mr. Andy Lei capital NT$ 20 million.
  1992.08 To start produces Japan auto struts and sell in Taiwan
  1993.11 Joint Venture with Taiwan Tokio Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  1994.03 Obtaining Japan technology for production of vehicle shock absorber.
  1999.08 Agent KYB Taiwan shock absorber
  2000.02 Approved by Ford Lio Ho for Q1 grade system.
  2001.12 Beginning the assembly of auto shock absorber..
  2002.03 Guangzhou Scimax CO., LTD. was founded.
  2003.07 Efini Trading Co., Ltd. found for local Taiwan business
  2006.01 To invest Zhejiang factory group.
  2010.11 Partnership with Wu-Tai of WTC-JB brand genuine disk brake pads
  2013.01 A new 50,000 Sq Ft building.
  2013.12 Acquired the Excellent Award of D & B 65-795-8799.
  2014.05 Joint Venture with USA KYB shock absorber

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